GB (ASIA) Limited: Agent for Asia and others

GB Global Limited: Agent for Europe

GB Pacific Limited: Agent for America

GB Group (Formerly Known as Golden Bright Manufacturer Ltd.) has over 20 years of experience in the toys industry and is one of the leading suppliers in the following toys categories:


  1. Electric powered and Battery operated road-racing sets.
  2. Infrared controlled and battery operated train sets.
  3. Battery operated items.
  4. Radio control Planes, boats, cars.


GB Group has a solid customer base. Many multi-national department stores, hypermarkets and major buying firms from around the world are existing customers of GB Group.

We adopt a vertically integrated strategy, from creations of the design concepts, making hand samples, tooling, packaging, assembly, mass production, to launching of the end products to the market. From time to time, we also handle some OEM projects.

Supplying top grade products is one of GB Group’s main missions. Together with our trading partners, we pay extra attention to the incoming / outgoing quality control and quality assurance of the components, work in progress, and finished products.

GB Group treasures the close relationship and excellent collaboration with its trading partners. Our 600,000 square feet production plant in Taishan, China, 1,500 experienced workers, and our design and marketing team are ready at your services.